Business Management

The business management process consists of three main components:

– Planning
– Execution
– Monitoring

The 3 components must be applied in all of the business’ main functions, such as:
finance, marketing, human resources and the business operation.

Many entrepreneurs jump right into the execution stage without having pre-planned the necessary funds from the beginning of the business operation.  without planning proper marketing activity in order to initially recruit customers, without planning the required human resources at an early stage, and without identifying the operational needs – success becomes elusive.

Pre-planning is a relatively low cost process that will save money and a variety of problems that may arise later!

It is therefore only aper planning the formation of a business, or the start of a project in an existing business, that one should approach the execution stage.

A business owner who strives to constantly increase the company’s profit, but does not monitor the processes integral to the company, might be late in discovering
financial, marketing, or operational issues.

Correct monitoring at the right time can save unnecessary expenses, any damage to the image of the company, and wasted time or other resources.

Only a combination of all three components will ensure proper and efficient management of the business, and an increase in sales and profit over time.

Segment Y G Business Development Ltd adding value in business development

Entrepreneurs and business owners are first rate professionals, but a heavy work load and a lack of ajention to detail can lead to issues which could be avoided through improved business management.

The staff at Segment Y G Business Development Ltd closely support the entrepreneur, producing a comprehensive strategic plan in response to the business’ current needs, guiding them through the execution of the plan, and finally completing a monitoring process – reviewing financial, marketing and operational

Segment Y G Business Development Ltd has over 15 years experience supporting
businesses, responsibly and professionally assisting business leaders in effectively
running their enterprises, saving money on funding, operations and staff costs!